Why Winter Isn't the Time to Wait to Sell

Why Winter Isn’t the Time to Wait
by Tom Beechler
Taking our early steps into 2022, it’s clear that we
are in for yet another exciting year of real estate.
The Port Orange area’s buyers and sellers are
still chipping away at the first quarter’s inherently chilly
exterior and even still, many are finding success. That
being said, we are riding into 2022 with the inertia and
motion of the previous year. Based on the remarkable
months of real estate we saw in 2021, the predictions for
the future are looking bright.
However, many buyers and sellers find themselves
wondering whether the winter is the time to enter the real
estate market. Due to misconceptions, most homeowner’s
focus on selling during the spring and summer. That
means the demand for houses rise during the winter,
and there is drastically less competition than one would
normally experience. As long as you have a clean, charming
home, it will probably stand out in the market with ease.
Achieving that look and quality isn’t easy. Seasons
come and go and nature is ever-changing to match it.
Winter brings many changes in the weather, so why
shouldn’t your home be adapting to the climate as well?
Making adjustments for the seasons is a necessary part
of maintaining a home’s quality and longevity, so the
importance of adjusting for the seasons is paramount. Here
are some easy, manageable activities that can make your
home prepared for this winter season, and even well into
the spring:
Weatherproof your doors and windows. The easiest
way to get a potential home buyer to run from your forsale
home is by spotting any sign of leakage. That’s why it
is so important to be one step ahead of the spring showers.
One way to do this is by checking your doors and windows
for any gaps or areas that may cause drafts. I recommend
using weatherstripping or caulk to seal them up. However,
you may want to consider replacing windows or doors if
they are particularly drafty or worn out.
Check for cracks in your water tank. This is a simple
tip, but crucial. If you haven’t installed a new hot water
tank in 10 or more years, it is very likely that wear and
tear has occurred. If caught early enough, sometimes
repairs can be made, or you may need to replace it. As a
bonus, many new models are very energy efficient and can
save you money in the long run. And of course, we can’t
overstate the value of enough hot water at shower time!
Clean your dryer hose. The National Fire Protection
Association reports that U.S. firefighters respond to
approximately 14,630 house fires annually that were
caused by dryers. A clogged dryer hose is a huge fire hazard!
This is especially true in the beginning of spring, when the
air is only starting to build up moisture. You can avoid
this danger by simply cleaning your lint filter, emptying or
replacing your dryer hose, and making sure to check the
vent and exhaust periodically.
Annual fireplace inspections and chimney sweeps.
Although there are not a lot of fireplaces in Florida, those
of you who do have one cannot overlook this simple tip.
Much like a clogged dryer hose, clogged chimneys are a
dangerous fire hazard as well. It does cost money to have
this area annually checked, but it could also save your
life. Don’t light a fire without getting a good sweep and
inspection first. Also, make sure your flue on the chimney
is working properly, so that you don’t get cold drafts when
the fireplace isn’t in use.
These tips are easy enough to employ, but there’s so
much going on during the normal sale preparation routine
that sometimes these tasks may slip our minds. A well
maintained home is not only important for your safety
and comfort, it’s important for your resale value when it
comes time to sell.
If you plan to make a move in 2022, the best thing you
can do is enter the market with a strong plan and an even
stronger first foot forward. For advice on how to do that
with the utmost confidence, give me a call at 386-405-
1178. Together we can make a plan that gets your house
sold on your schedule, to the benefit of your wallet. And to
all our readers, please enjoy 2022 and keeping making the
Port Orange area a great place to call home!

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